The Deed

Dated 26 July 1920

The Holland Lectureship

Deed of Trust

This Indenture made the twenty sixth day of July One thousand nine hundred and twenty Between The Right Reverend Bishop CHARLES GORE (late Bishop of Oxford) of Number 6 Margaret Street in the County of London The Reverend Canon WILFRID RICHMOND of 269 Gray’s Inn Road in the County of London Honorary Canon of Winchester The Reverend EDWARD KEBLE TALBOT of The Community of the Resurrection Mirfield in the County of Yorkshire Clerk in Holy Orders RICHARD HENRY TAWNEY of 28 Parliament Hill Mansions Highgate Road in the County of London Fellow of Balliol College Oxford Lecturer of The London School of Economics Esquire and the Reverend JOHN CHARLES HALLAND HOW M.A. Precentor of Trinity College Cambridge Clerk in Holy Orders (hereinafter called “the Trustees”) of the one part and SPENCER LANGTON HOLLAND of Crossways The Common Berkhamsted in the County of Herts Esquire of the other part.
Whereas since the death on the seventeenth day of March One thousand nine hundred and eighteen of Henry Scott Holland D.D. Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford D.Litt. Canon of Christ Church Oxford and formerly Canon of St Pauls London a comittee has been formed for the purpose of a Memorial to perpetuate his memory and influence and amongst the objects of such Memorial was that of founding a Holland Lecture on the theology of the Incarnation and its bearing on the social and economic life of man.
AND WHEREAS for the purpose of founding the said Holland Lecture the Memorial Committee has set apart the sum of One Thousand Pounds 5 3/4% Exchequer Bonds 1925 to be held by or on behalf of the Trustees for the purposes upon the trusts and with and subject to the powers and provisions in these presents contained.
AND WHEREAS the said Spencer Langton Holland the brother of the said Henry Scott Holland has entered into an agreement with John Murray of 40 Albemarle Street London Publisher for the printing and publication of a book entitled “The Philosophy of Faith” by the said Henry Scott Holland and he has agreed that the net profits arising therefrom shall be applied for the purposes hereby declared And the said Spencer Langton Holland has further agreed to act as convenor under these presents.
AND WHEREAS the Trustees intend so soon as may be after the execution of these presents to direct the transfer of the said sum of Exchequer Bonds into the names of the Official Trustees for Charitable Funds.
Now this indenture witnesseth and it is hereby agreed and declared as follows: –
SUBJECT as hereinafter appearing the said trust fund and all moneys and contributions received by the Trustees hereof shall be applied for the establishment of a lectureship to be called “the Holland Lectures” being a course of lectures the subject of which is to be the religion of the Incarnation in its bearing on the social and economic life of man such course to be delivered triennially dating from the seventeenth day of March One thousand nine hundred and twenty.
THE Lecturer shall be a member lay or clerical of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with the same and the special subject and syllabus of the course shall be submitted by the lecturer to the Trustees before delivery.
THE following regulations shall prevail until and as altered and the same may be altered or varied at any time by a resolution of the Trustees but not so as to vary in any way the conditions contained in Clause 2 hereof 
(a) The name of the lecturer and the place of each lecture shall be determined at least twelve months before the proposed date of delivery 
(b) The course shall be of at least four lectures 
(c) The lecturer before being appointed shall undertake to publish his course of lectures within two years of the delivery of the last lecture if then alive and shall have the profits of any publication if any 
(d) The lecturer shall be paid the sum of One Hundred Pounds for the course and the Trustees shall be at liberty to apply a further sum not exceeding Fifty Pounds towards the expenses of the delivery of the said lectures and in promoting the publication of the same.
THE Trustees shall meet at least once a year for transacting the business of the trust such meeting shall be convened by the convener who may at any time convene further meetings when necessary. The convener shall also act as Treasurer and Secretary to the Trustees.
THE Trustees may at any meeting appoint a chairman either permanent or temporary fill up any vacancies in the trusteeship or in the office of convener and appoint a lecturer as aforesaid and make the necessary arrangements with regard to the said lectures. In the event of their being no convener or his making default in calling a meeting after being requested so to do by any two Trustees such Trustees may convene a meeting.
THE income of the said trust fund and of any capital accretions thereto shall be applied for the purposes of the said lectureship and the necessary expenses of the trust and after the said Spencer Langton Holland shall cease to be convener the Trustees shall be at liberty if they think it necessary to pay a salary to any convener appointed by them.
THE said Spencer Langton Holland his executors administrators and assigns will pay over to the Trustees all net profits received by him or them under the said agreement for publication to be applied by the Trustees for the purpose of the trust.
THE Trustees may decide whether any accretions to the trust fund are to be treated as income or capital and may pay over any such accretions at any time to the said Official Trustees as an addition to and part of the said trust fund or may temporarily or permanently themselves invest the same and notwithstanding such investment again apply the same as current income of the trust. If at any time the income of the trust together with such investments as aforesaid are not sufficient to meet expenditure the Trustees may apply to the Official Trustees to transfer to them for the purpose of meeting such expenditure any part of the capital funds then vested in the Official Trustees.
ALL moneys which the Trustees may think it desirable to invest shall be invested in manner authorised by law for Trustees and in the names of any two or more of them.
IN the event of the Trustees being unanimously of opinion that it has become impracticable or undesirable to continue the said lectures the trust funds shall be transferred to such of the other charitable purposes then connected with the Memorial to the said Henry Scott Holland as the Trustees shall decide And if there are no such purposes then in existence or in want of funds for such other charitable purposes connected with the Church of England and its teaching as the Trustees shall consider most appropriate to the memory of the said Henry Scott Holland.
THE expression “the Trustees” where used herein includes the Trustees for the time being of these presents and the number of Trustees shall never be less than three.

IN WITNESS whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

Charles Gore
Wilfred Richmond
Edward Keble Talbot
R. H. Tawney
J. C. H. How
Spencer L. Holland

Signed Sealed and Delivered by the above – named Charles Gore Wilfred Richmond
Edward Keble Talbot, R. H. Tawney, J. C. H. How, Spencer L. Holland  in the presence of Charles P. Dyer 2 Harcourt Buildings Temple Barrister at Law, Lionel M. Hewlett, Solicitor, Alf H. Lore, Denis G. Frith and Henry R. Hudson Clerks to Messrs Hewlett & Co Solicitors, 2 Raymond Buildings Grays Inn WC1


The Rt Revd Bishop Gore having died Jan 1932, the following additional trustees were subsequently selected.
The Rev. S. C. Carpenter BD Master of the Temple Church
H. Malder Williams, Gen Sec of Cambridge … M Barton & Cambridge Selwyn Coll.
John Maude, Fellow of Christ Coll. Oxford

2017 Lectures: AST at the Mirfield Centre

The 2017 Scott Holland Lectures were organised by the Revd Dr Stephen Spencer and took place at the Mirfield Centre. The event was a sell-out residential conference on Anglican Social Theology (AST) from 20th to 21st January. Participants came from across the country including Truro, London, Gloucester and Durham. The speakers told the story of AST from its Nineteenth century roots in the thought and action of F.D Maurice and the Christian Socialists, through Brooke Foss Westcott and Mirfield’s own Charles Gore, to William Temple and his successors. Jeremy Morris, Alison Milbank, Paul Avis and Stephen Spencer told this story and responded to each other’s papers, building up a sense of ongoing conversation through the conference. Malcolm Brown, Susan Lucas and Matthew Bullimore brought us into the present, paying attention to our neo-liberal context and drawing out the contribution of the movement’s ‘coalition communitarianism’ (Brown) to our increasingly atomistic society at local as well as national level. The lectures by Morris, Avis, Spencer and Brown comprised the Scott Holland lectures, forming the backbone of the conference. Bill Jacob, the chair of the Scott Holland Trust, described the lectures as thoroughly engaging and the organisation of the conference as a brilliant success. Thanks are due to the Mirfield Centre for much of this. Stephen Spencer, Vice Principal of St Hilda College based at Mirfield and conference convenor, will be turning the papers into a book to be published by SCM Press in the autumn.